About Us

Meet our Director

My name is Paula King and I am the director of Seymour Street Early Learning.I have worked in the early education and care sector since 1989. I have my Bachelorof Early Childhood Teaching.

I chose to work in child care because I believe children are our future. I love watching children learn and develop over their time in care.

About the centre

Seymour Street Early Learning is open from Monday to Friday 6:00am-6.00pm, 52 weeks per year and only closed on Public Holidays.

We cater for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age.

There are 5 amazing rooms plus a dining room and dedicated outdoor areas for each age group.

Nursery One Room: Offering care for children 0-12 months of age

The Nursery One room provides our nursery children the opportunity to a part in a program designed to cater for the different developmental needs of the children.

Nursery Two Room: Offering care for children 12 months – 2 years of age

The Nursery Two room provides the older nursery children the chance to broaden their skills in sharing, working independently, finding their own identity, and playing safely. We work our programs around the individual child, so no child is left behind.

Toddler Room: Offering care for children 2-3 years of age

The Toddler room works with the children to start being a little more independent, sharing, playing using real life skills, and starting their transition to being able to sit and listen to instruction. Our toddlers grow and develop with the slightly more structured program, but still have plenty of play based learning.

Pre School One Room: Offering care for children 3-4 years of age

The Pre School One Room is where the children continue their growth and learning towards school. They have listening time, learning time, and play time. They learn and grow so much in this room, making lasting friendships and caring for each other’s feelings. Some are ready for school at this stage, and others are ready for our school readiness program in the Pre School Two Room.

Pre School Two Room: Offering care for children 4-5 years of age

The Pre School Two Room runs a school readiness program designed to help prepare our older children for school while still giving the younger children the opportunity to be exposed to the program and chance to join in. On Fridays we go to KinderGym and have Zumba on a Wednesday fortnight. We are also learning, through the ELLA program, how to speak French.